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The Megalithic Temples

Ġgantija Temples

Dating back to 3,600 BC, these megalithic marvels will leave you truly speechless. Spectacularly situated in the heart of the lush Gozitan countryside, the two giant temples making up this UNESCO Heritage Site are so large, it’s hardly surprising that the locals believed they were built by giants!


Haġar Qim Temples

A definite must-see for archeology aficionados, history buffs, and indeed anyone wishing to be bowled over by ancient splendor, the sheer wonder of this Megalithic structure is only enhanced by the breathtaking scenery and splendid sea views surrounding it. An active site of religious worship, dating back over five thousand years, perhaps the only thing as awe-inspiring as the mighty temples themselves, is the impressive array of ancient artefacts, including statues of the famous fat lady which were unearthed here.

Mnajdra Temples

For those wishing to touch base with their spiritual side, a visit to these mystical marvels is the ultimate ethereal extravaganza. Built in astrological alignment with the four seasons, amidst the rugged countryside of Tarxien, ushering in the seasonal equinoxes here at sunset is an age-old tradition and an experience not to be missed.


Tarxien Temples

Dating back to 3,150 BC, these four megalithic marvels are renowned for their intricate animal carvings as well as the spiral decorations on their screens and altars. Set amid the stunning countryside of Tarxien, they are thought to have been used as a cremation cemetery during the bronze age. Easily accessible by local bus routes, and remarkably well-maintained, they offer a mind-bogglingly vivid insight into life 5,000 years ago.

Ta' Ħaġrat Temples

Set in the idyllic village of Mgarr and surrounded by Malta’s glorious countryside, this megalithic wonder is amongst the oldest religious sites in the World. Dating back to 3,500 BC, and splendidly preserved, stepping through its majestic doorways into its awe-inspiring limestone chambers is like taking a step back into Malta’s rich and colourful past.


Skorba Temples

Nestled deep in the hamlet of Zebbiegħ and boasting spectacular views of the Maltese countryside, these archaeological gems are among the oldest of the Maltese temples. Though small in size, they are one of the most significant, as the remains of small huts provide insight into the domestic side of neolithic culture. Well worth a visit for anyone wishing to explore the day-to-day aspect of neolithic life as well as the spiritual.

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